About me

Im a Finnish- Ghanaian dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and doula. 

I looove groove, flow, music and presence also known as dance. Besides my passion for dance I love nature, children, colors and community. My heart burns for creating for and with children and youth. Id love to see a world where children and youth got to grow up being in their superpowers. 

I did a streetdance education in Åsa folkhögskola (2014-2016) and my bachelors in dance pedagogy in the University of Arts in Stockholm (2017-2020). During summer 2019 I studied traditional West African dances at Ecoles des Sables, in Senegal. Besides these official studies Ive studied contemporary and modern West- African dances in Ghana and Benin. My doula education I did in Cape Coast, Ghana at A life of peace- school (2022). 
Ive been teaching dance since 2010 and my passion for teaching stems from my desire to both be and to create environments free from worrie, where self expression is the goal and joy is garanteed.

Photo by Fredika Burvall