My work as a dancer


by Hooman Sharifi (2023)

Pictures: Senay Berhe

Hooman Sharifi’s new piece for Cullberg “When in battle I’m free, never free to rest” is based on how you as an individual take your space in this world, regardless of background. 25 dancers with different dance styles explores battle to a fusion of modern hip-hop beats and old Iranian songs.

The piece explores the context of battle where solo dance and dancing together are in focus. What happens when the battle constitutes the place in which the dancers meet, where their different identities are given space to take place and at the same time shaped by the dance? The performance includes dancers from Cullberg’s ensemble and dancers from the street dance scene in Stockholm.

By: Hooman Sharifi

Choreographer: Hooman Sharifi

Project advisor: Niki Tsappos

Musik & sound design: DJ Neda Sanai

Light: Hooman Sarifi and David Prokopic

Costume: Marita Tjärnström and Hooman Sharifi

Dancers: Afra Hosseini Kaladjahi*, Ama Kyei*, Anand Bolder, Anastasija Olescuka*, Andreas Sanchez*, Anna Fitoussi, Camille Prieux, Chiara Gilioli*, Eleanor Campbell, Elin Hallqvist**, Eliott Marmouset, Eszter Czédulás, Freddy Houndekindo, Gloria Kapako*, Ida Holmlund*, Johanna Tengan, Judith Coumans**, Lilian Steiner, Mohamed Y.Shika, Noam Segal, Omar Velasquez Rojas*, Rebecca Livaniou*, Robin Johansson*, Vincent Van der Plas | *Guest dancers **Apprentices

Poets: BAM - Burcu Sahin, Athena Farrokhzad, Merima Dizdarević

Rehearsal leader: Agnieszka Dlugoszewska

Pictures: Senay Berhe

Foyer By Aurore DÁudiffret (2023->)

Foyer is a performative space made of simple curves, games, soft whispering, luminous intimacy, gleaned seashells. It is a poetic dialogue between rhythm, sisterhood, tenderness and fun
Choreographer: Aurore Dáudiffret
Dancers: Fredrika Burvall, Ama Kyei

Pictures: Clara Baudry

Dreambeam by Bambam Frost (2023)

Dream beam dream team would like to invite you to share a room with them. The team consists of a rotating group of super soft super tactile super duper troopers, all of whom have the ability to channel and redirect power through movement. Through their bodily systems, energy can be tasted and digested. The energy is transformed into specific abilities, perhaps even superpowers, with which they dance, move walls, soften rooftops, redirect lightning, and much more.

Dream beam is a concept that, through performance and film, explores ideas about what can become a superpower and how one wants to move with the power. Inspired by Octavia Butler's "Parable of the sower" and the character Lauren Olamina's hyperempathy, the work wants to explore abilities that we already possess, how these can be designed, reinforced and used to manipulate the perception of the body and space.

Pictures: Märta Thisner

Choregraphy, idea, concept: Bambam Frost

Dancers on stage: Cecilia Rehde, Ama Kyei, Lisa Janbell
Dancers during process: Ingrid Mugalu, Lydia Östeberg Diakité, Adam Seid Tahir, Paul Adamah

Artistic assistans: Alexandra Tveit

Lightdesign and scenography: Chrisander Brun

Composition: Yared Tilahun Cedelund, Damon Frost

Costumedesign: BamBam Frost

Makeup consultation: Michel Franco

Financed: Kulturrådet, Region Stockholm, Stockholm Stad.

Coproduced: Norrlandsoperan, MDT Moderna Dansteatern and Life Long Burning – Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe project (2018-2022) supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Sweet and Sticky by Lisa Janbell (2023)

SWEET & STICKY is a dance, a ritual and a state that seductively licks your wounds and vulnerabilities, where performers and audiences enter a state of pleasure together, through tension and seduction.
This piece has been performed at Scopes (2023), Norberg (2023) and September sessions (2023)

Costume by: Anita Falk
Music: Neva Deelay (at Scopes),
Jessie Granqvist (At Scopes and Norberg), Rayo ( at September Sessions) and Dos Oké (at Scopes and September sessions)

Picture:  Sebastian Berthold 

Collective memory by Nancy Ama Amponsaa Ofori (2022) 

Pictures:  Amanda Muisyo

Director: Nancy Ama Amponsaa Ofori
Producer: Saleen Ife Madalitso Gomani
DoP: Amanda Muisyo

Lucky numbers
by Stina Nyberg (2021)

Picture:  RES

Picture: José Figueroa

In Lucky numbers the dancers get through everyday relationships with warmth and humor. There will be chopped up dance styles and rapid changes - all in a meeting between choreography, textile art and sporty humor to the club's pumping base. A bit like stepping into a world where all the senses become alive. 

Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Dance: Lisa Janbell och Ama Kyei

Creative team: Ljusdesign, scenografi och Costume: : Josefin Hinders
Textile art: Anna Nordström
Music: Hermione Frank aka rRoxymore
Producer: Riksteatern

Premier 28.9.21 @ Vitlycke - Centre for Preforming Arts, Tanumshede, Tanum

Transsession by Lisa Janbell (2021)

Pictures: Kajsa Lorentzon

Transsessio was one of the pieces Lisa Janbell

choreographed and staged at Misschiefs takeover at Plattan in in June 2021

Choreographer: Lisa Janbell
Dancers: Bianca Traum, Cecilia Redhe, Dafne Gian, Mariê Mazer, Lena Bergstedt

Lightdesign Timothy Wilson

LIVE dj Jessie Granqvist

Art (pyramids) Malou Bergman 

Production assistent Kajsa Lorentzon


AfroSwede by John-Paul Zaccarini(2020)

Pictures: Jonathan Morell

A transmission from a FutureBlackSpace Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) 

Concept/Written by John-Paul Zaccarini Directed by Erwin Semler
Choreographed by John-Paul Zaccarini
Music and Sound design by Toubab Holmes Dancers: Mike Gamble Danne Dahlin Ama Kyei Felicia Rivera Cetre Louie Indriana Adam Seid Thair
Director of Photography - Erwin Semler & Joakim Envik Karlsson
Stylist - Camilla Wellton Production
Manager - Mats Ivarsson
Production Assistent - Jonathan Morell
Edit - Erwin Semler
Colorist - Joakim Envik Karlsson
Special thanks to Anna Lindell, Rolf Hallström, Andreas Karlsson

Watch video here

Untitled (Entitled) by Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn (2021)

Pictures: Jean Baptiste Béranger

Nguyễn's art draws attention to our time's construction of identity and illuminates hidden power structures. In seemingly everyday events and stories, she demonstrates political relevance. The work Untitled (Entitled) is based on interviews with people of immigrant background who felt forced to change their names in an attempt to escape discrimination. In a text-based installation, consisting of moving structures with lenticular prints, the names of the participants according to their mother tongue, but also their adopted Western names, are displayed.

On a number of occasions during the course of the exhibition, dancers will activate the installation in the form of a performance, choreographed by Nguyễn. The piece had its premiere at Bonniers Konsthall. The dancers move to music composed of simple phrases used in language learning, for example "jag heter".

Concept, art, choreography Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn

Dance: Gülbeden Kulbay, Ama Kyei, Mona Namer, Andrea Svensson

Technician: Isak Nordell

Stylist: Amanda Ferrada

Graphic design: Chris Lee

Music: Thunder Tillman

Voices: Rob Andersson, Pontus Berghe, Erola Boix, Maj Hasager, Riccardo Malacalza, Elena Strempek, Oscar TillmBan, Casey Wei

Crawling by Natália Rebelo (2021)

Picture: Natália Rebelo

Crawling is a performance that investigates the feeling of being seen and followed. Through the insistence of specific movements, stages of repetition are built and form a choreography that has nervousness, compulsions and pleasing games as its foundation. The piece was performed at My wild flag festival at MDT in September 2021

Choreographer: Natália Rebelo.
Performers: Ama Kyei, Heta Asikainen

Black Ocean by Josette Bushell-Mingo (2020)

Picture: Ahmed Ali

BLACK OCEAN is an open jazz space of stories, internal landscapes, the worlds of Afrofuturism, fragmented texts and ghosts of the past and present – the performance meets blackness, meets ritual, meets memory, meets future. Black Ocean was a part of "The door of no return" at Daramaten in October 2020. 

Director: Josette Bushell-Mingo

Music : Marque Gilmore

Text: Senait Imbaye, Raymond Peroti, Nancy Ofori, Kayo Mpoyi

Dance/perforance: Tarika Wahlberg, Ama Kyei, Ruben Karsberg, Binyam Haile

Video: Lamin Daniel Jadama

Threshold by Maria Wahlberg (2020)

Picture: Ganni

Picture: Maria Wahlberg

Threshold is an advitersement for Ganni.

202020 DANCE FILM -THRESHOLD Stockholm Co-directed by Maria “Decida” Wahlberg @decida & Åsa Riton @a_s_a_r_i_t_o_n Concept by MOON @moon_intl Music by @mobilegirl and @ouri.riou Styling, Emelie Johansson @emelierjohansson Improvisation dancers, Bianca, Mona, Ama & Madilou Editing, Kim Ramsell Grade & online, Oskar Gullstrand Make Up & Hair Martin Sundquist Production assistants, Mira Bergh Edenborg & Jose n Zachrisson

Watch trailer here

Skiftet av Johanna Fröjd (2020-2021)

Picture: Jonath Mathew

With its origin to the house dance tradition, the dancers create a playful space to explore the importance of a rite in a collective celebration and healing.
      If a rite is extinguished in one place, it will occur in another
     In the performance Shiftet, the dancers examine what it means to get together, create symbols and celebrate life. By paying attention to details and exploring the power of seductive and sensual grooves, the Shift is about the sanctity of the body and mind as well as being able to transform the dramatic lives of human and the world. The piece was planned to have premier in Decemeber 2020 but is postponed to October 2021. Fanni Ijäs will substitute for Ama at the premier. 

Choreoghapher: Johanna Fröjd

Dancers: Ama Kyei, Mona Namér, Johanna Fröjd, Fanni Ijäs

Sound: Diane Assiri

Costume: Liselotte Bramstång

Film/Picture: Jonath Mathew

Co-production: Dansens Hus, Riksteatern Hallunda, Västmanlandsmusiken, Sala kommun, Camelonterna

Producer : Co-producing parties & Kulturrådet

HEARTH, Aurore D`Audiffret (2019)

Picture: Gustav Cavallin

HEARTH was Aurore d´Audiffrets Degree Project when she gratuated from The University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm 2019

Choreographer: Aurore d´Audiffret
Dancers: Fredriva Burvall, Danilo Alexandre, Ama Kyei

Substitute dancer for JUCK (2019)

Picture: Sonja Hyytiäinen

Ama was a substitute dancer for JUCK in Göteborg and Helsinki, Finland during May and June 2019

Read more about the amazing collective JUCK here

Dancer work 2010-2018

  • 2018 Fredrika, Sara and Ama, House dance performance 
  • 2016  Culture Clash, Teater Podium Mozaeik, Amsterdam
  • 2013-2017 Back up dancing and music video shootings for Finnish artists such as Anna Abreu, Jenni Vartiainen, Krista Siegfrids, Redrama, Stella Christine and Robin
  • 2014 Trio Maria, Ama, Ella; Theater piece to Nordic festival 
  • 2010-2015 Dancing at Finnish fashion shows for Nanso, Luhta, Marimekko, Halonen
    Kaksitvåa, Kauneus- ja terveysmessut and Kuntomessut